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Lazy family day

Had a nice lazy afternoon out. Strolled along the prom, went on the beach. Through a few stones in the sea. Got some good pics of the kids.

Thats it really.
mike3legs on a boat

Bank holiday Monday

Well we actually ended up having nice weather for a bank holiday!

Went to Llanberis and took a trip on the lakeside railway. It was a good day out and the kids enjoyed themselves. I got a few good pictures. You can check out all of my photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mike3legs/

Back to work tomorrow, which is probably a good job. These 3 day weekends are tiring!

Lots of studying to do for the next few weeks. Then I'll be looking forward to going to Silverstone June 7&8 for the Renault World Series day. Should get loads of shots that day.

Well thats about it. Not a lot else happening.
mike3legs on a boat

Bike racing at Anglesey

Went to watch some bike racing at Anglesey today. It was a good day, well couple of hours or so, and I got some good photos. But there were some issues.

Firstly - No details of what time events were happening, nor the cost of entry on the website. http://www.angleseycircuit.com
Secondly - Signposting at the course was dreadful. There were a few different places that you could watch from but as a first time visitor to the circuit it was not at all obvious where to go.

As for spectating at the circuit it does seem to be quit limited. From what I could see the whole far side of the circuit it wasn't possible to watch from. Anyway we found a nice little spot. Took some photos, kids enjoyed themselves. then there was a break. Went of to get a burger and to get warm again, it was very cold in the wind. Went to watch at another spot for the next session. This was the inside of the first corner and a short straight to a 180 banked right hand band. I'll have to watch from the top of the banking sometime as this will be good for photos.

Then because it was very cold and windy we went back to where we had been previously. This spot was at the start of the pit straight by the pit entrance and is on the inside of a sweeping left hand bend which is directly after a slow right hand bend. A good spot for some photos. Isaac and Esther were both enjoying it. Especially Isaac. Anyway after a few minutes in this area we were told that it wasn't strictly for spectating from especially with children. Now I've been going to bike and other motor-sport events for years. It seemed like a pretty sensible spot to me. I wouldn't watch from a dangerous place with a young family. I pointed out that there was no signage to say that it was a prohibited area. Also Lis spoke to another couple who have watched from that area on many occasions. Anyway I spoke to the guys on the gate and sent them an email, so it will be interesting to get a reply.

As I said I got some good photos. They should be here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mike3legs/sets/72157604622511888/

I tell you what its nice to have a weekend without having to do a 15 mile + run.
mike3legs on a boat

I did it!

Well I'm back in Banbury again. I managed to complete the marathon in 5 hrs 42 mins 18 secs. So a little ahead of schedule which was great. No problems at all. Sore today but no more than you would expect.

I'll upload the Garmin data later.
mike3legs on a boat

Final preparations

Well I'm in Banbury at the moment and will shortly be going down to London to register for the Marathon. Looking forward to the Macmillan Pasta party tonight.

Race starts at 9:45 that should be a good laugh.

A big thanks to everyone who has donated and to Tjecken on the Hattrick site who has boosted the publicity somewhat.

Today I am mostly nervous and disorganised.
mike3legs on a boat

Meeting Mum & Alice

Well just met up with my mum and my sister Alice. Met them at Manchester Airport. They flew in from the Isle of Man tonight and they are flying to Africa via Amsterdam tomorrow. They should have a great time. My mum has got about 17 GB of memory cards with her and also a portable drive with a 100GB capacity. I think that maybe that will be enough.

Anyway the marathon is getting closer. Training is going well if a little haphazard during the week. Ran 12 miles in my leathers last weekend, that was tough. In the weeks before that ran 14 miles. 2 hours 3 mins. And 17.5 miles. just in my normal gear. Planning on a long one this weekend. Going to be about 20. And then maybe another long one for the week after as I have slightly undertrained.

Looking forward to it all now though.
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Long run

Well It's been ages since I posted on here. I must do it more often. Anyway after the problems I had the other week training is right back on schedule.

Went for a run this morning, I go the train out to Llandudno Junction where I work and ran home. Train station to train station is 15 miles. I ended up running 17.4! I suppose it is better to run slightly further than to play chicken with the trains.

The run details can be found here. http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/activity/5024816.

I'm getting fed up with posting links on here. Is it just via firefox that you have problems or is it a pain in IE as well.

Anyway the family are all well. Work is good. Oh and I have a camera again. I've still got to write to them to complain about it all. As I was without it for a total of 8 weeks.
mike3legs on a boat

First run in leathers

Well I've done it earlier today I ran in the Nick Beer memorial 10k road race in Llandudno North Wales.

As you can see by the fact that I am posting this I survived. Actually I am really happy because I managed to finish it with a time of ...


I'm more than happy with that. What is even better is the fact that apart from being hot the leathers were quite comfortable to run in. I certainly got a lot of attention. I know that 10k is a long way short of a marathon. But I know that moving up the distance will be ok. As long as I keep/get my fitness up I will complete it.

For every who is/has sponsored me. Thanks for your support. Makes it much easier to keep going.